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Putting the Power of EFT
in the Hands of Teens
Tapping for Teens  is Dedicated to Enriching The Lives of Teens Around The World by Coaching and Teaching the power of EFT
If you are feeling a little STUCK...
You might need a little help
Suzanne Tremolada Tapping for Teens Certified EFT Practitioner
Hello, I am Suzanne Tremolada.  
You can call me Suz.
I really would like to help you get unstuck.
Suz was beyond amazing!  I absolutely loved talking to her. 
She was funny, understanding, and kept a light mood. 
P.P Tapping for Teens Participant - St. Louis, MO USA
Looking back there was so much stress and overwhelm. Many times I was stuck feeling isolated and not a part of any group. Adding to my shyness I changed  schools 7 times in the first 8 years of my school life.  I was often  stuck in front of the TV, stuck without a ride to get to my friends, stuck with stress and overwhelm  fighting with my family because I wasn’t  happy about my situation. Or, I was stuck in fear, stress and overwhelm of going out on my own to connect with new friends. I didn’t realize it was up to me to  find happiness, even friends. I just couldn't see passed the stress and overwhelm  
The possibility that it could be fun and easy was hidden by the stress and overwhelm.  Knowing the power of EFT today, how simple it  could have been to release the stress and overwhelm,  the trauma of all those moves and all I left behind. I say now, “If I had only known about EFT!” . For more about EFT clickhere..

It’s all pretty simple, it can be fun creating the life you have been
wishing for and dreaming about. Even though it may seem far away
right now, EFT can help you bring it into focus. EFT ROCKS! This
technique has helped so many people. EFT is amazing, and I’d like to show you how to get unstuck and release stress and overwhelm.
“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you
have imagined.” - Henry David Thoreau

Some typical signs of being stuck…
  • not having enough fun and not doing what you really want to do
  • stress and overwhelm from pressure for high achievement  
  • can’t seem to get started on getting things done or making changes
  • seems like you can’t do anything right any more
  • have a hard  time making decisions
  • bummed out about change; such as moving,, friend moving away, or injury
  • not getting along with friends, family teachers or employer
  •  don’t do things because you are afraid
  • dealing with chaos and have too much to do
  • no friends to hang out with and you feel not a part of  much of anything
  •  feel bored and confused about things – don’t know how you got to  this place

Is getting unstuck a big deal?  
"We have seen huge changes in our son since starting the Tapping for Teens  program and these positive changes have happened really quickly. Tapping is easy to learn and is very effective."
          Kaz, Parent of Tapping for Teens Participant,  Perth, Western Australia

The GOOD NEWS is that it’s not hard at all.  It’s actually pretty
simple even though your problems may seem difficult to overcome.  
EFT works fast, and the whole thing is power packed. Use of
techniques with EFT makes it fun and easy to get the things you are
wanting out of your life.  You know the things that really get your life
happening. The stuff you want right now and the possibilities for the
future. Coaching will help you along the way. By exploring the cause of the stress and overwhelm that has you stuck, we will know how to use the simple effective tool of EFT. Tapping gets rid of what’s keeping you stuck freeing you  to live your life fully.

You and your friends have the opportunity to experience…
  • having tools that make a difference in your daily life
  • making choices for  yourself that feel right and true
  • having goals that truly inspire, excite and motivate you
  •  feeling  a sense of freedom
  • feeling completely confident about being able to do things
  •  having good relationships
  • really enjoying your life
  • seeing a bright future for yourself
"My life has completely changed for the better. I have seen changes in not only myself but in those around me. I feel much happier and it doesn’t only last for a second but every day"
H.T.., tapping for Teens Participant     Brampton, Ontario, Canada
EFT Works!Sharing EFT is awesome because IT WORKS even though it seems pretty silly. I am blown away every time I work with someone and  they get results. My first personal experience with EFT was kind of  weird. I was stuck with limitations around my vision problems. So much stress and overwhelm, and so STUCK. While studying natural vision improvement a classmate introduced me to EFT. We worked on my vision. I eventually had an outpouring of tears.  Something had released.  It seemed like I was crying for no  apparent reason. It really was bizarre and weird. I somehow knew it  was OK. When the crying stopped, there was a calm feeling. I released so much built up stress and overwhelm I had been holding. Things were different…I was unstuck? Now that the stress and overwhelm was releasing, I could feel peace and joy. Possibilities I had never considered were visible to me.  Today if my vision takes me to  stress or overwhelm, I just TAP it out with EFT.  It’s really cool that I can just do that and it works!

What about teens? You guys are our future!

Over the past decade I have enjoyed being around and learning from my 3 children and their friends and friends of friends. I really
learned LOTS about them, their lives, and their struggles, stress, overwhelm and their joys. They showed me things about myself too.  Tapping for Teens brings me the opportunity to put together my EFT skills and my personal experience. Clearly EFT and teens are a great combo.
"Suz was a very happy, open, helpful, understanding practitioner. Always happy, smiling and laughing. I would say EFT is a great way of boosting your confidence." 
            Bethany Friend, a Tapping for Teens Participant - United Kingdom

Don’t Miss Out…
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Tapping for Teens is dedicated to enhancing the lives
of teens around the world by coaching and teaching the power of EFT.
Helping you guys  feel confident, focused, having a sense of freedom and feeling happy will make a difference in your life. So tell your friends now. Do you have a group you are part of (team, club or group of just friends)?  I am available to give fun interactive 60 to 90 minute EFT presentations to groups in my area.
Why do I want to do all this?
 Well, teens are awesome and they are all a big part of our future. Giving EFT sessions is fun and it's amazing to watch the transformation and shifts in  their lives,  IT WORKS even though it seems pretty silly.  I am blown away every time results are achieved. Stress and Overwhelm to peace and joy!
There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.
       - Kahlil Gibran
Connect with  Suz...
I am in the San Francisco Bay area (Pacific Standard Time).
Private Sessions are available by phone and Skype worldwide.

Yes, I can give a presentation to your group of teens in my area.

Let's work together....  Remember, you can call me Suz.

You can find out more about my background on
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